Evacuation of 722 Indians on a 

cargo ship enters Limca Records

TNN | Mar 15, 2019, 09.58 AM IST
By Mohammed Wajihuddin

MUMBAI: The historic evacuation of 722 Indians in 1990 aboard a cargo vessel-turned-
passenger ship has entered the Limca Book of Records. Hanif Modak, son of Late Captain
 I H Modak and now Australia-based Captain V R Kekobad who co-owned the cargo ship
MV Safeer, approached the Limca Book of Records in February 2018 to qualify for this

A documentary named Mission Safeer: Thirty Seven Days to Freedom, about this
humanitarian effort, won the best documentary award at Noida International
Film Festival.

After TOI did the story, "Ship owners dispel rumours and tell the real tale behind
 heroic evacuation of 722 Indians (December 2, 2018)", the Limca Book of Records
 recognized it in the category "biggest rescue by the merchant navy."

"Through the documentary we responded to some of the lies portrayed in the 2016 film
Airlift. After our documentary bagged award and won critical acclaim, recognition
by the Limca Book of Records is yet another vindication that our efforts were genuine
 and selfless," said Kekobad. "The documentary is also homage to my late father's
 memories," added Hanif. The film Airlift doesn't directly name MV Safeer, its
 owners or the Captain who, in the film, is shown accepting bribes to allow the
 desperate evacuees to board the ship. The ship owners strongly felt that the film,
 by implication, has insulted the heroic efforts of seafarers, agencies and individuals
who helped bring 722 Indians from war-torn Kuwait to safety in Dubai. Saddam
Hussain's army had invaded Kuwait and Indian nationals there were desperate to leave.
After taking all permissions, this cargo vessel was turned into a passenger ship to
 evacuate 722 Indians.

The then Ministry of External Affairs Joint Secretary Gulf, Mr K P Fabian, in a
 letter to the ship owners, said: "This is to confirm that the government of India
didn't pay your company any amount towards evacuation of Indian nationals."

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